A unique place to connect local Australians who focus on sustainable products with consumers who care about the impact of their actions on Earth.


Our marketplace brings tested and proven environmentally-friendly Australian made products.

Our Philosophy

The Earth is losing its natural beauty and balance. It is humankind's job to look after Her and change every action we do. At “Raw Experience” we believe in a world of locality where nature and human beings live in harmony.

Why our products?


We're cautious of our ingredient selection and use only the best.


Formulas that are designed to not damage the environment.

Australian made.

From local producers to your hands.


We value products that, during their testing, did not hurt any animal life.

Reusable boxes

Recyclable, Biodegradable and only necessary packaging.

Certified Organic

We provide information around what's in our products and why.

Our Story

Alex and I migrated in 2014 from Caracas, Venezuela. Leaving home chasing adventure, hungry to succeed, and many suitcases full of dreams, fears, misconceptions, and crisis (for real). Our souls met each other on a Sunday morning, and it was love almost instantly, haha. After a few dates, we realized we had a dream in common, coming to Oceania. Initially, I wanted to go to New Zealand and Alex to Sydney. Still, life is wise and brought us to Melbourne, where we’ve been since we moved to Australia.

We have experienced tons of different adventures. Moving from finance and law to cleaning toilets in a campground. From hospitality working for hotels, bars and delis, to having our own little bartending business. From creating a property management platform to opening a cafe, an AI consulting firm and a beauty studio to launching this e-commerce. Who knows what is next? It goes on and on, constantly reinventing ourselves, over and over again.

The burning desire has always been the same – serving people and adding value to their lives.

Today, ”Experience Raw” makes another dream come true. We have finally found a way to contribute to the planet as much as we care for our clientele.

Experience Raw packs, ships and delivers it all to your hands.

Experience Raw marketplace is a digital environment to initiate this journey of simplicity, accessibility and sustainability (SAS), a grain of sand towards reducing our impact on the earth and cooperating with our environment while supporting local producers and their passions.

It’s time to be honest!

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We incentivise low carbon economy amongst small businesses. We support manufacturers who don’t have massive production or enormous budget to advertise their products.

Our mission is to deliver from their hands to yours.