Re-Use: What & How?

by Cheysa Brito
The amount of rubbish in landfills is not a lie, but worse, this is just increasing day by day. Unfortunately, we don’t have a magic wand to disappear all of it. However, the good news now, we have the willingness to change things for the better. So, this blog post will share with you a couple of ways in how you can change your “rubbish” into functional hardware and get new habits. Don’t get fancy. We are here to make a change.
Biodegradable: Always try to go with biodegradable packaging. Unfortunately, many products we buy come with plastic containers with weird shapes that we cannot reuse. So sadly, we have to say bye to them. That’s why at Experience Raw all our goodies come with Biodegradable packaging or practical shape to be reused. A good example is the Bamboo toothbrush, woohoo deodorant, sunscreen and much more.
Glass: Remember the last time you cooked a delicious Bolognese pasta? Most of us probably have just thrown away those tomato paste glass bottles. Well, don’t do it again because after you wash it thoroughly and remove all the stickers. You have a brand-new glass to drink water, put your favourite herbs, water your plants and flowers or just anything really.  It may sound silly, but we came across with about 5 brand new glasses and high quality containers in a month.
Resealable or storage bags: I am sure that you thought these ones were single-use, no drama, me too. They are not. You can use them as many millions of times as you want, just don’t forget to wash them after every use. You can use them for that piece of lemon, apple, bread that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. It’s easy, just clean them and let them dry as any other container you may have.
Packaging boxes: This is my favourite because nowadays I buy pretty much everything online. Especially bike stuff, I may have an addiction to this. Well, we may discuss that in another blog post. So, boxes! They are bulky and ugly. However, they are convenient to store your items and organize your spaces and send some items to friends or something you sell on the FB marketplace.
Plastic bags: This is a classic one. I am not against plastic. I know don’t hate me. I am against not reusing plastic. They come on takeaways, convenience stores, pharmacies or just about anywhere else. Solution! Fold one and keep it with your all the time on your pockets, backpack, saddlebag, handbag, office or car because you can use it instead of using a new one from the place list above or even for your wetsuit after a spontaneous swim in the beach. It’s just simple.
Eggs Carton: This one was suggested by the audience. You can use eggs cartons for those “Art attack moments” and create a lovely piece of art on a Sunday afternoon with a glass of wine. How about that? I will have to try myself.
I left the best for the end 😊 for coffee cups unless they are biodegradable. You should remove the lid and drink all the liquid; otherwise, it won’t be recycled. Same for Plastic water bottles, re use them as much as you can, but it’s time to say goodbye. Please remove the lid.

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