OI! Why we've joined The Australian Made Campaign?

by Cheysa Brito

Why do we do it? 

Imported products ruin local manufacturers and our environment.

How cool it is to access high-quality personal care products from any corner in Australia directly to your doorstep. At the same time, we support local entrepreneurs. 

 #australianmade encourages people to look for Australian products when they go shopping. Choosing to buy Australian products means we support the Australian economy and workers.⁠

 At Experience Raw, we're passionate about making our actions count. We understand how much imported products affect local products with some unfair advantages. Additionally, the CO2 emission for those imported items are heaps higher than those locally produced.

 It's not about changing your lifestyle. It's about making your actions count for a change.⁠

We can't wait to work together, with you, in making a change.

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