Myth and Facts about Natural Deodorants

by Cheysa Brito
First of all, let’s define deodorants and antiperspirants:
Fact #1: Sweat doesn’t stink. Once it mixes with the bacteria on our skin, it creates a peculiar aroma that stinks.
Fact #2: The purpose of the deodorants is to block or camouflage body odour with a seemingly more pleasant scent. Additionally, they create a more acidic environment to prevent the bacteria from releasing aromas.
Fact #3: Antiperspirants, on the other hand, use ingredients like aluminium and parabens to block sweat glands completely, consequently reducing the amount of perspiration/sweat released.
Myth #1: anti-perspiration, harmful ingredients, and their proximity to our breasts.
According to several studies I’ve found on the internet, “aluminium-containing antiperspirants are not associated with breast cancer”.

However, aluminium and other toxic chemicals are found in antiperspirants. If you’re concerned about it, stay away from these antiperspirants and go for deodorant withouth aluminium.

I understand your concern to expose our bodies to many chemicals and non-natural derived elements. If you’re looking for a natural, organic, men care, deodorant sticks and aluminium free deodorant and no synthetic fragance, I got something for you.

Our rainbow-like deodorant range is an anti-chafe stick. They are made with natural ingredients and without aluminium, you can feel fresh. A natural protection from 24 hours to 48 hours and fragrance free.

We know everybody body’s chemistry is different. We have a vast range for every one of you. Be aware it might take you a couple of tries or different scents to find the right one for you. There are many options for you, including a sensitive range specially made for sensitive skin.
If you need some help to decide the best one for you, reach out at or comment below.

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