Life happens for you, not to you.

by Cheysa Brito
We had some challenges coming back to Australia, so we decided to stay for a little longer. The first few weeks were of shock and uncertainty, now we are relaxed and ready to have an extraordinary experience. For the time being, Fiji is home.
Challenges create opportunity, and we are the creator of our life and not just a manager of the circumstances. The last month has been time for us to adapt, be resilient, and thrive.
It was scary. 
I always dreamt of travelling without worrying about income, job, house, you named it. When this situation happened, I felt overwhelmed, fearful, lost. It took me some weeks to transform my feelings. To be vulnerable and to let go and enjoy the moment, to live here and now.
I’m SO grateful this happens to us. Now, I’ve experienced a dream become a reality, and these are our top 6 in Fiji:
  1. People. I’ve never been in such a place where people are hospitable, generous, genuine, and caring. Fijians and every person living on this land are just beautiful. No wonder why everybody falls in love.
  2. Food. Feels like everyone has an inner chef here. Wherever you go, your thong will be a delight. Restaurants, home meals, street food…you can’t go wrong. Fijians are just some of the best cookers in the whole world! Yum! Fruits are juicy, and veggies feel fresh!
  3. Weather. Tropical, paradisiac, dreamy. Haha, we didn’t know December to April was wet/cyclone season. In our first 2 weeks here, we experience lots of rain, but after the storm comes calm, it has worth the wait.
  4. Multicultural. There are a lot of foreigners living in Fiji. We’ve met SO many interesting people that have made our trip UNFORGETTABLE.
  5. Landscape. In Suva, Fiji’s capital, I found one of the best spots on earth to watch the sunset. Paradisiac beaches. Breathtaking nature.
  6. Family. Fiji just feels like home. Has taken a little be of my heart, and I’m taking a little bit of Fiji with me. My safe place to grow, get inspired and thrive.
Have you ever been pushed out of your comfort zone? Comment below.

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