Face Yoga: What it is and how to do it

by Cheysa Brito
Surely you’ve heard or seen ‘Face Yoga’ before, haven’t you?
This series of movements are a subtle combination of facial exercises like:
Acupressure can aid in preventing headaches, releasing sinuses, and enhancing the quality of your sleep.
Massage boost circulation, improve lymphatic drainage and release tension.
And breathing techniques that aim to relax facial features and tone up muscles.
The secret sauce here is to practice it regularly; over time, it helps prevent and mitigate the appearance of aging.
Now, think about it like the regular exercise you give to your body but for your face. Deepak Jakhar, in his dermatological clinical study of 2018 about Face Yoga, explains, “that muscular activity does increase production of collagen and elastin. Since facial aging is associated with volume and muscle mass loss, facial exercise can improve facial skin appearance by inducing underlying muscle growth. Yes, precisely the same that you do at the gym. Furthermore, yoga and training positively influence the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, leading to decreased stress, which helps reduce frowning, wrinkles, and expression lines.

How to perform Face Yoga?

First, wash your hands and cleaning your face. Use oil or serum, so your fingers and palms can glide effortlessly over your skin. A complete drop from the dropper will be enough for the face and neck. Massage the oil or serum and start to play; this will help the products penetrate your skin for deeper absorption.
For each exercise, work to your comfort level. You may feel warmth or heat, but you shouldn’t experience pain or discomfort. Find what feels good and organically ‘yoga your face’.
Find below several movements you can practise right here, right now while you are reading this blog:
Remember that focusing on your overall well-being is primordial for your mental health as well as your whole appearance.
It’s essential to sleep well, reduce stress, and eat healthily. Holistic health and self-care are fundamental to radiant skin. Take care of yourself from the inside. It will be reflected on the outside, says Dr Manisha Kshirsagar in her book Enchanting Beauty.
Additionally, use positive affirmations as part of face yoga helps us feel grateful for our faces and skin while cultivating self-love. Engaging in this nourishing practice allows you to feel calmer and happier.
There’s nothing to lose. Facial yoga is non-toxic, non-invasive, safe for anyone, affordable. Do it anytime, anywhere.

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