Spice Blend to Beautiful Skin

by Cheysa Brito

I'm inspired by Ayurveda and its wisdom.

According to Ayurvedic Institute in the USA, Ayurveda is considered by many scholars to be one of the oldest healing science in the world. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means "The Science of Life", its knowledge originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. Unlike western medicine, Ayurveda aims to treat the cause of the 'problem' and prevent the ailment.

I found Ayurveda for the 1st time in my life when I started to work in an Ayurvedic Day Spa. My mind was blown by its sophistication and holistic approach.

Back in 2020, I've decided to offer workshops where I was teaching how to improve your external beauty and overall well-being through the eyes of Ayurveda. When researching for Natural Beauty, I came up with a fantastic text inspired by Ayurvedic Beauty.

In her book "Enchanting Beauty", Dr Manisha Kshirsagar "shares the secrets of Ayurvedic practices that attend to the whole person. Her holistic, individualized approach to beauty considers the internal and external influences on the body. I've discovered the power of feminine energies and how to counteract imbalances, along with practical techniques for improving wellness and appearance...Including simple formulas for creating homemade skincare."

Today, I want to share with you one of my favourites. You can use this delicious Spice Blend to sprinkle on top of your food, on a salad, or use it as you cook or bake. I especially enjoy spreading it on my freshly made rice.

According to Health Line Magazine, one and each of these spices are medicinal. They synergistically work together to cleanse your lymph, blood and fat tissues.

You simply hate to mix all the spices below and keep them in a glass jar, away from the sunlight.

♥ 5 teaspoons of Coriander Powder.

Coriander fights aging and other degenerative neurological diseases.

♥ 4 teaspoons of Fennel Powder.

Fennel is rich in antioxidant properties and dietary fibre.

♥ 3 teaspoons of Turmeric Powder.

Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory and combats pigmentation.

♥ 1 teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder.

Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels. 

♥ 1/2 teaspoon of Black Pepper Powder.

Black Pepper improves digestion and boosts metabolism.

Out of these 5 spices, Turmeric is your skin's most significant ally! It's a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, also gives lustre and glow to the skin.

Ever since I found this recipe, I've been sharing it with my friends and family. It's my little secret, now reveal to the Experience Raw Family! 

Try it out, and let me know how you go. I can't wait to hear from you,



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